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Your Logan Metro Area, UT Hydro Jetting Experts: Wash Your Drain Clean!

High-pressure water jetting is an efficient and environmentally safe way to clear blockages out of sewer and drain lines. Hydro jetting is the use of high pressure pumps, flexible hoses, and special high pressure nozzles. Each high pressure nozzle has an array of forward and rear facing jets. These nozzles direct a high concentrated stream of water to help scour and wash drain lines. Roto-Rooter uses the most advanced nozzle heads to clear debris from drain lines such as grease, sludge, scale, and other build-up. Hydro jetting is an extremely effective way to clean and polish the inner pipe walls.

Typically, hydro jetting costs more than using a cable. However, certain blockages are cleared and pipes are cleaned more efficiently than traditional cable machines, reducing the amount of call backs or extra services. Roto-Rooter employs expert technicians that are able to educate and explain the benefits of which service will work best for each individual drain line.

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